Services Available

A first impression consists of 55% visual image,
38% tone of voice and 7% what you have to say.
We can give you the confidence to get this percentage right.

As Style and Colour Consultants we can:

  • Help you maximise the potential of your wardrobe and teach you the powerful language that clothes speak
  • Save time and money shopping
  • Help you feel confident at every business meeting and or social event
  • Give you the ability to get dressed in the morning without having to worry about what you're wearing for the rest of the day
  • Help you reach your full potential

We offer a range of Style Consultancy services for both men and women:

  • Colour analysis consultation
  • Style day
  • Wardrobe de-cluttering and planning
  • Shopping days
  • Make-up classes 

Do you wear everything in your wardrobe?

With a few exceptions, savings items for 'best' is outdated and expensive. Style advise usually comes at a high price because retailers are trying to sell you more clothes. Nobody explains how to dress using what you already have. We want to save you money by teaching you why certain styles flatter you and why others don't, and how to use the clothes you already have.

Whether you want to buy a whole new wardrobe or just a few items to add to your existing clothes, a Wardrobe De-Clutter & Planning session followed by a Shopping Day is more about education than spending hundreds of pounds. We'll guide you to labels that work best for you and how to exclude entire departments instantly.

All within budget!

"The best colour in whole world is the one that looks good on you."

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel

  Let us help you find your best colour.