Testimonials (or why Colour is Fascinating)

I have enjoyed throwing out some unsuitably-coloured garments in the last few weeks! Considering I had some idea of colours that suited me before our session, it was amazing how many things I had that really didn't enhance my complexion. Being a jewelled winter is quite hard in the sense that many "basics" aren't common in our best colours. However, the difference it makes to my confidence on the days I get it right is huge. As I am quite unusual-looking, I feel like I am often "noticed" in my everyday life, and it makes me a lot happier to know people aren't dwelling on my nose veins or dark circles if I have the right colours on!

Your makeup tips were superb. I am now applying eyeshadow in the way you showed me, even though I felt skeptical at the time. 

Please feel free to quote me as a testimonial if the need arises.

A lovely person who was given a colour analysis as a birthday present. Her colouring was slightly different in that she was a ‘Jewelled Winter’ but, unusually, her best deep, neutral was brown rather than navy or black. I think she’s been having some fun with her existing wardrobe and, hopefully, in the future will be able to invest in garments that will make her glow and feel confident whether she is ‘noticed’ or not.


It was a pleasure and a joy to have your company and help – I realise how much difference it makes to have an objective but very sympathetic and knowledgeable person to untangle the muddle and work out what has gone wrong!

I can’t tell you how liberating I have found the whole experience of discovering the right style and, indeed, colours. The decluttering, because of the wrong colours, seemed rather drastic but I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted.

It is hard to describe the difference your help has made in a few words. The biggest change is that I am enjoying clothes again and feeling ‘right’ in what I wear and smiling when I look in the mirror instead of frowning and wondering why it just doesn’t work.

Thank you SO much Hilary.  I am so grateful for the effort and thoughtfulness you put into our time together and your understanding – I never felt foolish or judged by all the mistakes and really enjoyed your company too.   Thank you for the offer of further advice – I may well take you up on that as I find my feet with the new wardrobe,  And I will certainly recommend your services to friends and colleagues, I think everyone probably needs a bit of Hilary help! 

Mrs C, Heathfield

This client had been colour analyzed some ago and advised that she was a ‘Winter’ however she had found choosing winter style clothing challenging. We started again, and found that she was a ‘Garden Melody Summer’. This resonated with the client and explained why she looked lovely and felt at ease in soft, floaty, feminine designs rather than the solid, deep, intense blocks of colours that suit ‘Winters’. So she remained ‘cool’ but a lighter version and comfortable with the outcome while we worked through her Style Day.


I found the session very interesting yesterday, particularly the astonishing fact that I am a warm skin tone.  This solves the mystery of why the corals which I love and which have always suited me well, and which garner compliments, would work with a cool skin tone?  Also, with red lipsticks, you are always advised to wear blue reds with a cool skin tone, whilst I actually look better in the orangey reds. Now the mystery is solved.  It hadn’t occurred to me for a second that skin so fair as mine could ever be classed as warm!  So we live and learn.

Karen S, St Leonards on Sea.